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Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Company Deal654,807 shares of common stock (par value $.10 per share)
Transaction TypeCommon Stock
Deal DescriptionAutomatic Data Processing, Inc., sold 300,000 of the 654,807 shares offered to the underwriters, and 354,807 were acquired by the underwriters from the selling stockholders. The selling stockholders consisted of Joseph Taub, M. Gerald Sellman, Kenneth E. Weiner, Robert W. Roth, Russell K. Forrest, Robert W. Gehlert, Samuel J. Tesauro, Louis & Naomi Boldrini, Julius & Rosella Schultz, Samuel Chavkin, Ralph E. Shikes, the Shikes Foundation, Robert M. Katz, Jerome Havrda, David L. and Rita Perlman, Robert S. Lehmann, Jerry M. Wolff, David L. Ziska, and Earle M. Cline. The company did not receive any part of the proceeds of the sale of the 354,807 shares being acquired from the selling stockholders. The net proceeds to be received by the company from the sale of the 300,000 shares were to be used for general corporate purposes, including expansion of the operations of the company. Acquisitions made through 1967, 1968, and 1969 included Computer Services of Florida, Inc., Computab Associates, Inc., Research Calculations, Inc., Systems Management Corporation, Tesauro & Co., Information Management Associates, Inc., Tabulating Services, Inc., Robert S. Lehmann Corporation, and Analytic Computing Services, Inc.
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