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American Electric Power Co., Inc.

Company DealAmerican Electric Power Company, Inc.: Ohio Power Company and the Buckeye project basic agreements and bond closing documents, volume 1
Transaction Typecompany acquisition
Deal DescriptionVol. 1: Basic Agreements and Bond Closing Documents. American Electric Power Co. Inc., Buckeye Power, Inc. A power delivery agreement dated January 1, 1968, was made among Buckeye Power, Inc., the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company, Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company, the Dayton Power and Light Company, Monongahela Power Company, Ohio Power Company, and the Toledo Edison Company, each of which was an electric utility company operating in the State of Ohio. Buckeye and Ohio Power Company entered into an agreement contemplating the acquisition by Buckeye from Ohio of a 615,000 Kw generating unit at the Cardinal Station located near Brilliant, Ohio. Buckeye and Cardinal entered into a station agreement to evidence and confirm, among other things, their respective rights and interests in and to the electric energy to be generated at the Cardinal Station. It also confirmed their understanding regarding the provision of additional generating capacity to ensure continued availability of sources of electric power and energy for sale by Buckeye to the membership of Buckeye, which consisted of twenty-seven cooperatively organized non-profit electric companies operating in Ohio. Ohio was also willing to make available to Buckeye certain bulk transmission facilities owned or to be owned by them in Ohio for the purpose of delivering electric power and energy to Buckeye for them to sell to the Buckeye membership.
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