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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Company DealAir Products, Inc.: 115,000 shares of common stock (par value $1 per share)
Transaction Typecommon stock offering
Deal DescriptionAir Products, Inc., added the net proceeds from this common stock offering to the general funds of the company. The company expected capital additions and improvements for such purposes as the expansion of its industrial and medical gas operations (including completing and equipping a large liquid oxygen-nitrogen producing facility near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), the construction of additional gas-producing plants to be installed on or adjacent to the premises of customers under long-term lease or sale-of-product agreements, and the expansion of its research and development facilities. The further growth and expansion of its business may make it necessary in subsequent years for the company to obtain additional funds through bank loans or the sale of additional secured notes or other debt equity securities, the amount of which could not be stated.
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