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New York & Foreign Investing Corp.

List of Deals

Dutch, German, Swiss, and American businessmen formed the New York & Foreign Investing Corporation in 1928 in Maryland. The company was designed to make investments in securities and to provide financing for businesses. A 1928 issue of Barron’s described the company as part of a trend among American and European banks and companies to create trusts in Germany and the Netherlands in order to make investments in Germany and Europe.

Immediately after its founding, New York & Foreign Investing issued over $5 million in preferred and common stock to provide capital for the new business.

One of the company’s early projects involved issuing a mortgage loan of $3.5 million to Leonhard Tietz Aktiengesellschaft, a German corporation. Two other German corporations were involved in the mortgage deal as well: Handelsstätte Mauritius G.m.b.H. (a subsidiary of Leonhard Tietz Aktiengesellschaft) and Deutsche Treuhand-Gessellschaft. The deal book contains a list of the properties for which New York & Foreign Investing provided funding. Most of the land was in Germany, thus some of the deal book text is in German and Dutch.

The company made another mortgage loan to the Lindemann department store in Berlin in 1928. The company was also involved in a project to build a German version of the Galeries Lafayette department store in Berlin.

In 1928 the company issued $6 million in debentures. Copies of the stock and debenture certificates are included in the deal book.

Little other information about New York & Foreign Investing is forthcoming. The company remained in operation at least through 1932.

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