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Finalven, S.A., is a Venezuelan financial company also known in Venezuela as la Financiadora Nacional, S.A., or as la Sociedad Financiera Finalven. Finalven's president at the time of the deal was Dr. Arturo Sosa Jr. (1924-1996), a prominent Venezuelan economist, businessman, lawyer, banker, and professor of political science. Sosa briefly served in government as the head of the financial ministry of Venezuela, then called the Ministerio de Hacienda, during the financial crises of 1958 and 1981-83. The company appears to have been founded in 1949 and was engaged in business at least through the mid-1990s. Finalven stated its mission as using financial instruments to generate profits. Though Finalven is a financial group, it has also worked in transportation and pipe production, among other fields.

Finalven held 13.5 million Venezuelan bolívares in capital in 1961. Assets for 1962 included Bs. 61.2 million, with liabilities of Bs. 26.4 million. The financial statement notes that the conversion rate was approximately Bs. 4.54 per $1. The deal book documents an issue of Bs. 7.2 million worth of notes due in four installments through 1963 and 1964.

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