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The Van Camp Milk Company was incorporated in Indiana in 1928 to acquire eight evaporated milk packing and concentrating plants from the Van Camp Packing Company. This new corporation was owned and controlled by Van Camp Packing. The plants for the milk company were located in Angola, Indiana; Wauseon and Bryan, Ohio; Adrian and Homer, Michigan; and Sawyer, Casco, and Watertown, Wisconsin. The plants had a capacity in excess of two million cases of evaporated milk in 1928, and the entire output was sold through another Van Camp subsidiary, Van Camp Products Corporation.

In 1928 Van Camp Milk earned $239,102, down from the $266,172 it earned in 1926 as the milk division of Van Camp Packing. By 1930 Van Camp Milk employed 300 people and had over $2.8 million in assets.

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