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List of Deals

Alexander Block opened a small drugstore in Brooklyn, New York, in 1907. The business had evolved into wholesaling by 1915, and in 1925 Block began manufacturing drugs. Block developed what would become one of the company's best-known brands, the dental products Polident and Poli-Grip, in the 1930s.

The company continued to develop new products, especially in the field of dental products. Block Drug grew during the 1930s through acquisitions. The company became an advertising pioneer, as it began a television ad campaign in the 1950s that continued for over a decade. In 1964 Block Drug spent more money on television advertising than the democratic presidential campaign did, and by 1966 it was spending $10.5 million annually to advertise Polident.

Block Drug incorporated in 1970 and went public in 1971. In 1971 revenues rose by 7 percent and net income by 8 percent. International sales in 125 foreign countries had 15 percent of the business in 1971.

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