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BGS Systems, Inc., was founded in 1975 in Massachusetts by three men whose last names are represented in the initials of the company: Jeffrey Buzen, Robert Goldberg, and Harold Schwenk, all PhD mathematicians. The company was founded in the basement of Buzen's Lexington, Mass. home. Over the next fifteen years, it moved five times, but always within Waltham, Mass.

The company set out to develop products that provided centralized capacity management and planning capabilities for all major computing platforms. In addition BGS created products that managed and evaluated computing systems such as UNIX, MVS, VM, OpenVMS, and the AS/400 as well as OS/2 and Windows NT. By the early 1980s the company could claim over 30,000 installations worldwide with its BEST/1 product. This software, which was based on queuing theory, was devised by the three founders and promoted by the company as being the de facto standard for capacity management and planning in heterogeneous distributed environments.

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