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Marketing in the Modern Era:
Trade Catalogs and the Rise of 19th-Century American Advertising
More Images on Growth of Major Industries



Detail of a Champion mower from the Whitely, Fassler & Kelley catalog, ca. 1879.



Detail of steam engine and patent windlass from John Fowler (Firm). Description of Fowler's patent steam ploughing and cultivating machinery (Philadelphia: King & Baird, printers, 1861).



Whitely, Fassler and Kelley. Champion reaping & mowing machines (Springfield, OH: Whitely, Fassler, and Kelly, ca. 1879). Krebs Lithographing Company, Cincinnati, printer.



Title page of the 1867 catalog of cotton and wool machinery available from the Bridesburg Manufacturing Company in Bridesburg, PA.



Detail of the High Speed Loom from the catalog of Kilburn, Lincoln & Co., Fall River, MA, ca. 1895.



Thomson Electric Welding Co. Electric welding of metals (Boston and Lynn: Thomson Electric Welding Co., ca. 1887).



Wm. T. Wood & Co. Descriptive illustrated catalogue…of finest quality ice tools of every description (Arlington, MA: Wm. T. Wood & Co., ca. 1895).



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