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Marketing in the Modern Era:
Trade Catalogs and the Rise of 19th-Century American Advertising
More Images on Consumer and Household Goods



Detail of women's silk clothing from the 1884-85 Autumn-Winter clothing catalog of R. H. White & Co., Boston, MA.



American-Swiss Milk Product Co. Dr. N. Gerber's celebrated milk food, chocolate-milk in powder, and new-process condensed milk (New York: Charles F. Bloom, printer, 1881).



Paine's Furniture Co. Catalogue of artistic furniture at Paines furniture wareroom (Boston: Paine's Furniture Co., ca. 1880 ).



G. L. Du Laney & Co. The "Little Monitor" sewing machine (New York: G. L. Du Laney & Co., ca. 1870).


Plate from Reed & Barton. Artistic workers in silver & gold plate: illustrated catalogue, 1885 (Springfield, MA: Springfield Printers, printer, ca. 1885).



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