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Mcculley Detail

Investigating Disruptive Technology

The Emergence Of Ring Spinning In The American Textile Industry

New England Textile Industry


View of the York Factories in Saco, Maine, ca. 1840. Frontispiece of James Montgomery. A Practical Detail of the Cotton Manufacture of the United States of America…. Glasgow: J. Niven, 1840.



Binding of J. D. Van Slyck. Representatives of New England: Manufacturers. 2 vols. Boston: Van Slyck and Co., 1879.


Lowell Machine Shop

Frontispiece of Lowell Machine Shop. The Lowell Machine Shop, Lowell, Mass.: Builders of Cotton Machinery of Every Description. Lowell, Mass.: Stone, Bacheller & Livingston, 1882. Trade catalog.


Timebook Page

Time book of Boston Manufacturing Company employees for the year 1848.


Merrimack - Photograph

Photograph of a ring spinning frame manufactured by Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 1925.

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