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Something of the Course, 1958

“This one year course has changed our lives and our attitudes—our attitudes toward ourselves and toward the world and our place in it.”

In this film, produced by the Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration, Radcliffe College documents the likely experiences of new program students through the eyes of one potential candidate, Nancy Reinert. The film records Nancy’s introduction to the HRPBA program from a meeting with the program director to the classroom experience to an informal group discussion of a case study. The project also details the social life of a student, including dormitory life, homework, and a conversation over dinner about marriage. The film concludes with the admissions committee reviewing the candidate strengths and weaknesses and Nancy learning of her acceptance into the program.

“Yes, it is a special campus for us, and I guess we are a special alumnae for it’s a special kind of school. We learned that there aren’t always right answers, but we learned how to approach not only jobs, but lots of situations that women have to face. We gained not only competence, but confidence in ourselves.”

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Directed by:
Richard Bagley
Produced by:
Bill Buckley
Presented by:
The Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration, Radcliffe College
Written by:
James Baldwin
Les Barry
Richard Bagley
Edited by:
Bill Buckley
Technical Staff:
Malcolm Raphael
Gregory Zilboorg Jr.
Ernest Nukanen
Lewis Lehman
Jean Bagley
Orson Charles
21 minutes

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