Name Year Thesis title
Harding B. Young (DCS)1955The Development and Administration of Budgets in the Small College
Edward D. Irons (DBA)1959The Organization of a Bank; a Study of Selected New Banks
R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr. (DBA)1974The Management of the Liberal Arts College: A Case Study
Rudolph Winston Jr. (DBA)1975A Study to Determine How Personnel Managers' Perceptions of Risk and Deservedness Affect Their Evaluation of Ex-Offenders
Andrew E. Honeycutt (DBA)1975An Ethnographic Study of Low-Income Consumer Behavior
Hassell H. McClellan (DBA)1978One-Bank Holding Companies: a Study of Management
Clifford E. Darden (DBA)1982Organizational Survival as a Function of Boundary Conditions and their Management: an Exploratory Study of Four Innovative, New Institutions
Cheryl E. Owens-Howard (DBA)1983A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Views of the Relationship Between Consumers and Advertising in the Marketplace
Donna B. Stoddard (DBA)1991Information Technology and Design/Manufacturing Integration
Robin Denise Johnson (PhD)1994Where's the Power in Empowerment?: Definition, Differences, and Dilemmas of Empowerment in the Context of Work-Family Boundary Management
David M. Porter Jr. (PhD)1997The Eye of the Beholder: the Impact of Race and Gender on Managers' Attributions and Conceptions of Commitment to the Organization
Andy Zelleke (PhD)2003Freedom and Constraint: The Design of Governance and Leadership Structures in British and American Firms
Christopher O. Wheat (PhD)2005Organizational Positions and the Social Structure of Exchange
Ingrid M. Nembhard (PhD)2007Organizational Learning in Health Care: A Multi-Method Study of Quality Improvement Collaboratives
Heather M. Caruso (PhD)2008What We Can Gain From Losses: How Framing Affects Willingness to Collaborate with Outgroup Members
Renée Richardson Gosline (DBA)2009The Real Value of Fakes: Dynamic Symbolic Boundaries in Socially Embedded Consumption
Modupe Akinola Robinson (PhD)2009Deadly Decisions: An Examination of Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot under Threat
Erin L. Henry (PhD)2015Facilitative Boundary Leadership: Enabling Collaboration in Complex, Multi-Organizational Work
Hise Gibson (DBA)2015Essays on Operations Management: Setting Employees Up for Success
Chinenye C. Offor Ogunro (PhD)2017Network Administrative Organizations: Using Centralized External Governance to Improve the Performance of Health Care Networks in a Developing Country Context
Rachel D. Arnett (PhD)2018Cultivating Inclusion: Navigating Diversity through Expressing and Concealing Social Identity Differences in Interpersonal Interactions
* This list includes all known Black doctoral degree recipients as of 2018.