The African-American Student Union of HBS: A Salute to the Past a Challenge to the Future, 1994

For the 25th anniversary of AASU at HBS, founders Clifford E. Darden (MBA '69), Lillian Lincoln Lambert (MBA '69), E. Theodore Lewis Jr. (MBA '69), and A. Leroy Willis (MBA '69), and Professor James I. Cash Jr. discussed the founding of AASU and its impact on HBS.

AASU: Transformation Featuring Lillian Lincoln, Jeff Humber, Shaka Rashee and Pamela Thomas-Graham, 2001

Four African American alumni, Lillian Lincoln Lambert (MBA '69), Shaka Rasheed (MBA '01), Pamela Thomas-Graham (MBA '89), and Jeff Humber (MBA '73) recall their first impressions of HBS and reflect on ways in which HBS influenced them.

Unite, Serve, Lead: African Americans at Harvard Business School

The African-American Student Union (AASU) celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018 and created a documentary to commemorate the African American experience at Harvard Business School.

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