Bylaws and charter, 1969

This document includes the bylaws and charter of AASU, which stated its purpose as "the unification of individuals who relate directly to the concerns of Black people," with the goal "to protect the interest of Black students." Read Full Document

Demands and proposals of AASU, 1969

The 52 core demands and proposals outlined by AASU addressed the educational and social experience of African American students at HBS. The goals of the organization included increasing Black enrollment in the MBA program; raising more fellowship funds for Black students; adding new courses relevant to Black students; and promoting meaningful social interaction and career development. Read Full Document

Letter from Cliff Darden to the Incoming MBA class of 1971

In this letter to the incoming class of 1971, AASU president Clifford E. Darden (MBA '69, DBA '82) highlights AASU's accomplishments and encourages incoming students to become active members in the new organization. Read Full Document