Harvard University faculty, staff, and students may download the CIQ Excel plug-in by following these instructions.

  1. You must first have an active Capital IQ account.  To sign up for an account, visit our Capital IQ page.
  2. Download the CIQ Excel plug-in:
    • Go to Capital IQ and log in using one of the two links provided, depending on when you activated your account.
    • Select Downloads from the My Capital IQ menu on the upper-left.
    • Click Download Office Plug-In (New Installer) under Office Plug-in.
    • Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  3. Install and login to the HUIT Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the plug-in to work. HBS affiliates may also use the HBS VPN if off-campus, OR if you are on campus, the HBS secure connections will allow access as well. 

HBS users with accounts activated prior to 8/8/2018:

    • You will need to set up a password for the Excel plug-in.*
    • Go directly to http://www.capitalIQ.com . (Do not use links on library site).
    • Click on Forgot Your Password?
    • When prompted, enter your Harvard email address.  (Do not use a personal email).
    • You’ll then receive a link via your university email address, which you can click on to set a new password for use in Excel.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the Forgot Your Password? button in Excel.  This will not work.  Please follow above instructions instead.
    • Follow directions above beginning at Step 2 to download the plug-in
  1. Users must use the HUIT Virtual Private Network (VPN) or the HBS VPN if off-campus, OR if you are on campus, use the HBS secure connections to connect with the plug-in. 

* If you have an S&P Capital IQ Pro account, please use that username and password to use the Excel plug-in.  

Users with accounts activated after 8/8/2018: Use your current password for Capital IQ to use the excel plug-in.

Need help?

Contact Capital IQ Support for Help or Troubleshooting:
Capital IQ Support - 24/7/365 
Phone: 888-806-5541
Email: clientsupport@capitaliq.com

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