Capital IQ and Refinitiv Workspace Excel plug-ins may be viable alternatives for Bloomberg API functionality.  Datastream also offers fast downloads of market data. The table below can be used for finding alternative sources of specific data types.

Alpha Vantage Finance API is a free resource that offers APIs for the retrieval of:

·  Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds: over 20 years of historical data for US and major global exchanges, covering 100,000+ equity, ETF, and mutual fund symbols

·  Currency: realtime and historical exchange rate data for 1000+ traditional forex pairs as well as cryptocurrencies 

·  Company Financials: rolling 20 quarters (5 years) of income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow for all publicly traded US companies, cleaned and normalized from SEC filings. 

·  Technical Indicators: over 50 technical indicators (e.g., moving average, volatility, etc) derived from raw security price and volume time series


Data TypeAlternatives
CommoditiesCommodities Fast Answer
Corporate DebtFast Answers search for "bonds"
FundamentalsBaker website search for "fundamentals" (databases only)
Stock PricesStock Prices: Current and Historical
Exchange RatesExchange Rates: Current & Historical
Interest RatesHistorical Interest Rates
Mutual FundsDatabases by Topic: Funds
Stock OwnershipStock Ownership: How do I find who owns a stock currently and historically?
Sovereign debt ratingsSovereign debt ratings