Baker Library has a particularly strong collection in corporate finance, the financial services industries and financial markets.  We have books on theory and practice  as well as academic and business and trade journals and quantitative databases such as Bloomberg, Factset and the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index.

We have long runs of industry directories which can be used to trace the development of financial service industries.  For example we have the Guide to Venture Capital Sources by Stanley Rubel and Stanley Pratt and its successor titles back to 1970. 

We have bank directories dating back to 1842 (Grosses Adressbuch der Kaufleute, Fabrikanten und handelnden Gewerbsleute von Europa und den Hauptpläzen der fremden Welttheile …) and as recent as 2016 (The Bank Directory, as well as access to electronic resources such as S&P Global Market Intelligence and Orbis Bank Focus

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