Better, Simpler Strategy

Frances X. Frei, Harvard Business School
Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Harvard Business School

Strategy, at its core, describes how a company attains superior performance. In industry after industry, there is a wide range in company performance resulting from the various strategies adopted by individual firms. Underneath all of this variation, however, are principles that are straightforward and consistent across industries. This pamphlet outlines these principles to help you set and evolve your company’s strategy. Here we offer a simple and succinct way to think about the sources of competitive advantage. We hope that our way of thinking about why some companies do far better than others is both illuminating and inspiring.



Case Flash Forwards

Baker Library Researchers
Baker Library, Harvard Business School

Each Case Flash Forward provides educators and students with a brief update of key changes at a particular company covered in a related case study. It is a compilation of publicly-available content prepared by an experienced editor. Developed for 60+ of the top-selling HBS cases, these updates include significant developments, current executives, key readings, and basic financials. Clicking the “Buy” icon will take you to the Harvard Business Publishing site for educators where individual Case Flash Forwards may be purchased.