About this Database

HBS alumni may register for a Single Statista account, which includes access and download capabilities to over 1 million market and consumer data sets. There is a download limit of 100 items per life of the account. 

Note: While all statistics are included in Single Statista accounts, dossiers are not included. These dossiers are compilations of individual statistics. Contact clientservicesUSA@statista.com to receive a Dossier or Dossier Plus of your choice (one Dossier/Dossier Plus is included with your alumni account).

To register:

1. Go to https://www.statista.com/register/.

2. Select the Academic (middle) tab. 

3. Fill out your registration info using your HBS email.  You must use this email to get access to the premium level data.

4. Click Create Account.

5. Email clientservicesUSA@statista.com with subject line: Harvard Alumni account set-up.

6. Client Services will send an email to you with notification of access.


Alumni interested in subscribing to the Corporate level Statista account are eligible for a discount: 1-seat annual account ($3,000). Contact infoservices@hbs.edu for more details.

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