Service Overview

HBS produces many types of information that are extremely important to our success as a global research and teaching institution. The Information Product team helps HBS content owners and managers organize, maintain, and deliver content in a consistent and formal manner so they can be available for use, reuse, and enhanced search and findability in the myriad of information products (websites, newsletters, articles, databases, etc)  produced at HBS.

What We Do

Our Analytics, Metadata, and Taxonomy Programs all work together, along with the HBS Archives Program,  to

  • Support and enable your search and findability requirements

  • Establish procedures to ensure that content is appropriately tagged before your site or product is launched

  • Design content management procedures for your site or product maintenance

  • Establish tracking procedures to enable reporting on key metrics after site launch.

When to Call Us

  • When you are developing a new website, new information product, new database, new system

  • When you are having a difficult time categorizing your content with your current taxonomy or metadata

  • When the language in your content evolves beyond your current taxonomy

  • When your metadata structure starts to feel like a strait jacket

  • When your content shifts (new audience, new business needs, new industry standards)

  • When you obtain new, unstructured content that needs to be integrated

  • When search seems like its not finding your content and navigation isn't getting you where you want to go

  • When you want to understand the traffic patterns on your site, the keywords used in your search box


Information Product Services