Service Overview

Deposit your research data and documentation into HBS Dataverse, our secure online repository.

Why deposit my data into HBS Dataverse?

  • Secure data storage forever – You’ll always have access to your own data-- from anywhere-- no matter where you go from here and no matter how long your old laptop or USB drive survives.
  • Documentation is kept safe and available - You’ll always be able to access and understand your own data-- even years from now-- because your documentation resides with your data files in HBS Dataverse.
  • Version control - If data files are later updated, new versions can be added and the old files retained. A version history is created.
  • If you want these benefits but don’t want anyone to know that your data resides in HBS Dataverse, you can create a “dark archive” – your dataset records won’t appear to anyone but you. You can change your mind later if you like.

Sharing your data

If you DO want to share your data or your documentation-- to defend your research, increase visibility for your work, efficiently share large data files with colleagues, etc.-- you have a range of options:

  • Choose who may access your data - Restrict access for yourself, for selected others, or on a “by request” basis, or make your data freely available to anyone.
  • Persistent URLs - Datasets in HBS Dataverse receive a unique URL which can be used to cite and link to your data. Use it in your accompanying research paper, on the web or social media, or provide it to anyone to direct them to your data and documentation.
  • Statistics – Track how many people viewed and downloaded your dataset or files.
  • Find out who is interested in your data - HBS Dataverse has optional features for identifying who is downloading your files.

Other benefits of using HBS Dataverse:

  • Comply with HU Provost Office policies for data security and data retention.
  • Find collaborators and co-authors.
  • Learn about data management practices. Almost all research universities have similar data repositories and many require researchers to write data management plans and follow other procedures. HBS Dataverse is a great introduction to these concepts.


Alex Caracuzzo, Senior Manager, Baker Research Services


HBS Faculty

Upon completion of a research project, Baker Library provides full service for faculty interested in depositing their research data into HBS Dataverse, our secure online repository.

To deposit your data into HBS Dataverse, please contact Alex Caracuzzo, Senior Manager, Baker Research Services

To deposit other research materials into the HBS Archives, please contact Rachel Wise, HBS Archivist