Service Overview


Baker Library Special Collections offers various duplication and delivery options to assist both onsite and remote researchers with their research. We also can assist researchers with obtaining high-quality scans suitable for publication, exhibition, classroom, or presentation use.

Many collection materials can be digitally photographed by researchers in the Reading Room for study purposes with a small personal handheld camera, cell phone, or iPad. Large cameras and tripods are not allowed. Researchers need to review and sign a Digital Camera Use Policy prior to photographing any collection items.

Collection materials that cannot be digitally photographed may be eligible for duplication. The R.G. Dun & Co. Credit Report Volumes cannot be photographed or duplicated. Researchers need to transcribe information from the volumes.

Please review our various service options and costs and contact Special Collections Reference Staff with any questions.

Reference quality scans or copies:  Reference Duplication Order Form

High-quality scans: Digital Image Order Form

Access to full-text digitized print content: Digitized Print Materials Order Form

Microfilm use, access, and scanning: Microfilm Use and Access Policy


Please contact Baker Library Special Collections to obtain permission to cite, quote, or use information or images from the collections. Our primary concern is that other researchers can easily find materials that have been cited, but we also use these requests as a way to learn more about the dissemination and impact of our research collections. 

The standard convention for citing collections is:

Collection Name, Baker Library, Harvard Business School.

Special Collections will confirm the appropriate citation format at the time that the request to publish is approved.

There is no fee to use quotations or to cite information from the collections. There are fees associated with obtaining and using high-resolution scans.

Researchers who already have high-quality scans should complete the Permission to Use Existing Image Files Order Form

Researchers who need to obtain high-quality scans should complete the Digital Image Delivery & Permission to Use Order Form

To request permission:

1). Contact the Reference Librarian at Baker Library Special Collections.

2). Describe your publication plans (title, publisher, date of publication, etc.).

3). For requests that cite, quote, or use information from the collections, attach pages with all text, corresponding footnotes and/or bibliographic citations in which information from the collection(s) has been referred to or used. If you send entire documents, the references and citations must be highlighted. For image requests, attach the appropriate completed Order Form.

4). Please allow one month for the processing of your request, although R.G. Dun & Co. Credit Report Volume requests may take longer.

In granting permission to use items from its collections, Baker Library Special Collections does not surrender its own right to use the items nor its right to grant the same permission to others. Authorization to use by Baker Library Special Collections is not a copyright agreement and does not remove the patron's responsibility to guard against the infringement of rights held by others.

Baker Library Special Collections grants one-time, one-edition permission to use. Any changes in content constitute a separate edition. To use images, quotations, or citations in a separate edition requires additional permission and payment of use fees. Permission must be granted, and the use fee paid, in advance of the publication of the separate edition.