Getting Started

OPM eBaker provides access to information research that OPM participants need to analyze an industry, a company, a global region or country, and much more.

Key features of OPM eBaker include:

  • Direct links to proprietary databases available to you as part of the OPM program
  • Recommendations by HBS librarians on how to use information resources, and search tools available on the public Internet
  • A navigational structure based on user scenarios and tasks
  • Instructions and step-by-step guides to help use the resources
  • Links to documents for additional detailed guidance and insight (e.g., Online Research Guide, For-fee Research Providers)

While it can't make up for first-hand experience with customers, suppliers, industry experts, and competitors, online information is a valuable tool. We hope this site will serve as an easy way for you to become better acquainted with these important business information resources. You can return to them often to stay current on your industry, your country, and the latest trends and innovations.