Users may wish to use an alternative to Bloomberg to avoid non-compliance with the Bloomberg Terminal conditions or to bypass the data download restrictions on the API. The Capital IQ, Thomson One or Intrinio Excel plugins are viable alternatives for most Bloomberg API functionality. Datastream also offers fast downloads of market data. The table below can be used for finding alternative sources of specific data types.

Data type



Commodities: How do I find data on futures, options, and commodities?

Corporate Debt

Fast Answers search for "bonds"


Baker website search for "fundamentals" (databases only)

Stock Prices

Stock Prices: Current and Historical

Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates: Current & Historical



Interest Rates

Historical Interest Rates

Mutual Funds

Databases by Topic: Funds

Stock ownership

Stock Ownership: How do I find who owns a stock currently and historically?

Sovereign debt ratings

Sovereign debt ratings