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Research Tip

Creating a List of Potential Employers

Published: 05/15/2006

Baker Library subscribes to several databases that can create customized lists of companies based on industry, size, and location-ideal for helping find job leads.

  • CareerSearch contains information on over one million public and private U.S. companies. The database features a deep structure of industry categories and geographic locations so that a targeted list may be created within a particular zip code or area code and by a narrow industry sector.
  • Orbis is a global database containing information on 12 million companies. In addition to targeting companies by industry, location, and size (i.e., number of employees or revenue), the interface allows for searching on a variety of financial variables for public U.S. companies and some private international firms.
  • In addition to providing comprehensive profiles of over 700,000 companies worldwide, OneSource has a "Find" function that allows you to screen for companies by industry, size, and location.

All databases are available to authorized users from the Baker Library Web site.

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