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Tracking Companies in Capital IQ

Published: 03/15/2006

Have a list of target companies you are following? Create a list of your favorites, save it, and use it repeatedly in Capital IQ. Call up your list instead of compiling the list each time you want to use it. Here's how.

  • From My Capital IQ tab > My Projects tab > create project. Name your project (e.g., your list of companies).
  • On Project Summary page > Targeting and Screening > Company Screening.
  • Select or modify your screening criteria > Add Criteria.
  • To use your list from the Analytics & Targeting tab > Screen Builder, select Target Lists under Coverage Management for the first criteria.
  • To use with Charting, Add companies by: Select companies from lists.
  • To use with Comparables, Select an existing project, followed by the desired criteria.
  • You can add and edit the list anytime.

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