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Researching Corporate Governance

Published: 01/15/2006

Baker subscribes to several data sources that help with corporate governance research.

Board Analyst contains information on boards and directors of the top 3,000 United States firms. You can examine the board of a particular company, or find the boards on which a particular executive serves. The database rates each board on nine different criteria (litigation, accounting, shareholder responsiveness, strategic decision making, etc), and also identifies so-called problem directors who may have conflicts or have served on especially weak boards. Committee assignments, shareholder resolutions, and auditor information are also included. Data are easily screened and downloaded. The Corporate Library's Web site, which produces Board Analyst, is also very helpful.

Another source for biographical data on corporate boards is Capital IQ. This data does not rate the boards or the executives, but covers a much larger group of U.S. companies.

Both databases are available to authorized users from the Baker Library Web site.

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