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Economática: Finding Financials on Latin American Companies

Published: 01/15/2006

Economática is an equity analysis tool that contains financial and other information for most publicly traded companies in seven Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela, and for a related subset of U.S. companies. The database includes items such as: name/country/ticker/industry/, daily stock prices, financial reports, news and capital actions, exchange rates, price levels and inflation, and offers stock screening, sectorial analysis, and graphing. When possible, historical data are available back to 1986. However, financial reports are frequently available only for parent companies, though prices and other information may be available for subsidiaries as well. Data is retrieved via a graphical user interface that provides direct access to company screening or filtering, cross-section and time-series data, graphical analyses, and analytical reporting tools. Data may also be downloaded as text or cut/pasted into other applications, such as Excel, for further analysis.

Access is limited to current HBS faculty, doctoral students, and staff via Baker Research Services. Contact Sarah Eriksen.

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