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Research Tip

Sources for Researching Smaller Industries

Published: 12/15/2005

Many of our electronic resources focus on large industries of interest to investors. For hard-to-find statistics or information on niche industries try:

(Harvard users only)
Information in table format from journal articles, government documents, and publications of industry organizations.

Special Issues
(HBS campus only)
Useful for identifying special issues of industry trade journals that provide outlooks, surveys, and statistical reports. Also good for marketing information on small industries.
Tip: Check the Find It @Harvard Citation Linker, and the Baker Online Catalog for journal availability.

Associations Unlimited
(Harvard users only)
Associations can be great sources of information. It's worth calling the associations directly, even if their Web pages don't have the exact information you're looking for. This database provides descriptions of associations and links to their Web pages.
Tip: Use the Custom Search. In addition to your subject terms, select Trade, Business, and Commercial Organizations under the subject category.

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