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Published: 10/15/2005

What's in it? Data on over 13 million companies worldwide, including company financials, market research, ratings and country reports, scanned reports, ownership, and M&A data. Companies can be searched from a single interface or in component products with specialized search and screening capabilities.

Who has access? Harvard University affiliates with IDs and PINs and visitors to any of the Harvard libraries.

Where is it? Linked from the Baker home page ( Some of the data is also available via Wharton Research Data Service in the Financial Databases Room. WRDS is restricted to current HU faculty, students, and staff.

Research example: Did a shortage of bank capital account for the failure of banks to respond to monetary policy in Japan in 1997?

Career example: Interested in working on mergers and acquisitions in China? Use Zephyr to create a league table of the firms that have advised on the most deals in the past six months.

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