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Message from the Executive Director

Published: 09/15/2005

Baker's mission is to create and manage the information and knowledge sharing experience in which Harvard Business School exchanges and uses information and knowledge assets. We have five FY06 goals focused on:

1. Integration with the School's core processes.

2. Increasing information predictability across HBS information assets.

3. Developing the required information and knowledge management skills that will deliver a world class practice.

4. Increasing the ease of information and knowledge access and exchange.

5. Connecting history in today's context.

These exciting steps forward are reflected in one of our core service offerings: Baker Library's Web site. The site provides easy access to content we purchase and license, as well as to services such as interlibrary loans, circulation holds, and a new, expanded search scope. Our goal is to provide the information in the context that makes it simplest for you to do your work. We present views on the content and services that are commonly sought by first-time users as well as by MBA and doctoral students, faculty and staff, and the public.

You will notice a significant change in Search. We have leveraged our information architecture (schemas, taxonomy, naming conventions, and labels) to present the search results in a way that is relevant to you, and that provide you with one-stop shopping to searching other content both inside Harvard University and on the Internet.

We know our work only has meaning if it impacts the core processes of the School: breakthrough teaching, course development, and research. Baker's Web site is useful in all three processes. Please feel free to contact me with improvements for the site; your input is essential to make the site a powerful self-service tool.

Best regards,

—Mary Lee

Mary Lee Kennedy

Executive Director, Baker Library

Baker Library | Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School, Soldiers Field, Boston, MA 02163, 617-495-6040