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Market Research

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Alacra A single access point to over 100 business databases and an archive of 45,000 content-rich, business-information-only websites indexed by type of publisher, topics, industries, and countries. Pre-existing market research reports, news articles, country reports, and analyst reports. Pay-as-you-go or Subscription 212-363-9620
DialogSelect Business A single access point to a collection of business databases including pre-existing market research, news, financial data, and company information. Pay-as-you-go or Subscription 800-334-2564

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The world's largest collection of pre-existing and continuously updated market research reports. Over 110,000 reports from over 550 leading global publishers. Pay-as-you-go 800-298-5699


Company Financials

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Bloomberg A single access point to news and media, and business and financial tools and data. Available via terminal or Bloomberg Anywhere. Subscription 212-318-2000

Bureau van Dijk A single access point to databases useful for identifying and researching companies and peer groups in depth, and benchmarking including AMADEUS (European,) ORBIS (33 million companies worldwide,) and country-specific databases. Subscription 212-797-3556

Capital IQ Comprehensive and timely information on companies, people, and markets worldwide with a broad range of tools for analysis, idea generation, and relationship management. Subscription 212-438-8701

Dun & Bradstreet Financial and legal data on millions of global and domestic companies that supports informed decisions about potential partners, suppliers, or customers. Reports available online. Pay-as-you-go or Subscription 800-234-3867

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News and Articles

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LexisNexis AlaCarte!™ 20,000 resources including newspaper and magazine articles, company and industry reports, and legal data. Pay-as-you-go 800-227-4908

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lexisONE Different packages based on content needs, such as business news or company and financial information. Subscription 800-543-6862

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