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Research Insight (Compustat)

Sample Search in Global Vantage Using Classic View

Search For Companies incorporated in France with Market Cap greater than $500 million in 2000 - In Research Insight.

  • Go into Research Insight and choose "GlobalVantage" from Database default.
Screen Image Screen Image
  • Select "Classic View" from the File Menu.
Screen Image: Select Classic View - Ctrl-L
  • Put the following formulas in the Screens that appear. (To look up formulas, click on "Look up" button).
  • When done with each line, click on "Running Man" icon.
Screen Image: Look up button
  • To get a report, right click on mouse and select View results.
Screen Image: View Results is a choice in right-click menu
  • To add additional fields to your display, click on "Re-run" button.
Screen Image: Re-run button

Once you added items and re-run your report

  • Click on the File pull-down menu, and Save As a .csv file.
  • Click on "Text Options" and choose "Comma", " Use Quotes", and "Use Labels".
Screen Image: Save As Dialog Box Screen Image: Text-options: custom radio button checked
  • Save file.
  • Open report in Excel.
Screen Image

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