Willard Family
Accounts, 1715-1719, 1732-1764, 1800-1866

Mss: 1
1715-1719, 1732-1764, 1800-1865

Historical Note:

Simon Willard, possibly born in Wethersfield, Connecticut, married Mary Gilbert on February 12, 1690-1. The couple had nine children: (1) Josiah, b. February 10, 1691-2; (2) John, b. August 20, 1694; (3) Benjamin, b. October 31, 1696; (4) Mary, b. March 29, 1700; (5) Hannah, b. April 27, 1702; (6) Simon, b. May 28, 1704; (7) Ephraim, b. June 30, 1707; (8) Daniel, b. July 31, 1710; and (9) Benjamin, b. 9/15/1712. Simon was a surveyor of highways in 1707; he died in the "Newington Society" section of Wethersfield on January 8, 1726-7.

Daniel Willard, son of Simon and Mary (Gilbert) Willard, was born in Wethersfield on July 31, 1710. He married Dorothy Deming and worked as a farmer, cooper, and millman during his adult life. The couple had eight children: (1) Josiah, b. August 9, 1739; (2) Dorothy, b. September 26, 1741; (3) Chloe, b. March 15, 1744; (4) Honour, b. November 5, 1746; (5) Hannah, b. December 21, 1748; (6) William, b. November 23, 1750; (7) Daniel, b. April 7, 1753; and (8) Lydia, b. May 25, 1757. Daniel died June 1, 1800.

Daniel Willard, son of Daniel and Dorothy (Deming) Willard, was born in Wethersfield on April 7, 1753. He married Rhoda Wells on April 24, 1783 and as an adult he taught school and served as deacon of his church for many years. The couple had three children: (1) Daniel, b. January 15, 1784; (2) Asaph, b. December 24, 1786; and (3) Rhoda, b. August 26, 1792. He died January 16, 1817.

Daniel Willard, son of Daniel and Rhoda (Wells) Willard, was born in Wethersfield on January 15, 1784. He married Laura (Francis) on April 28, 1807; the couple had five children: (1) Rhoda, b. August 12, 1807; (2) Laura, b. August 7, 1809; (3) Daniel Horatio, b. July 11, 1811; (4) Elizabeth, b. February 10, 1813; and (5) William Francis, b. August 25, 1815. Daniel was associated with General Martin Kellogg and John M. Belden in the Newington Woolen Company which prospered during the Civil War by furnishing cloth for the Union army; the building burned around the turn of the century. Daniel Willard died April 7, 1868.

Daniel Horatio Willard, son of Daniel and Laura (Francis) Willard, was born in Wethersfield on July 11, 1811. He married Sarah Maria Deming on May 9, 1837; the couple had four children: (1) Dwight, b. August 14, 1838; (2) Charles, b. November 3, 1840; (3) Eugene, b. February 22, 1843; and (4) De Forest, b. March 23, 1846. Daniel Horatio died in Hartford on January 19, 1880.

William Francis Willard, son of Daniel and Laura (Francis) Willard, was born August 25, 1815 in the "Newington Society" section of Wethersfield. He married Frances G. Weeks on March 29, 1842 and the couple resided in Hartford. They had seven children: (1) Laura, b. August 29, 1844; (2) Edward, b. July 15, 1849; (3) William, b. May 31, 1851; (4) Charles, b. January 24, 1853; (5) Nellie, b. January 3, 1854; (6) Frank, b. October 25, 1856; and (7) Grace, b. September 26, 1858. He died May 6, 1882.

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of three volumes of accounts kept by five generations of the Willard family of "Newington Society", a section of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Wethersfield was established in 1634, and "Newington Society" split off to became established as the town of Newington in 1871. Description of items as follows:

Box 1 - Accounts for Simon Willard, 1715-1719, and Daniel Willard, 1732-1764, 142 pp. Simon's account are located on the top of pages 1-19 and Daniel's are included at the bottom of every page. Entries include individual's name, date, goods or services purchased, and amount. Names include Josiah Deming, Joseph Root, widow Rachel Buck, David Griswold, Abraham Warren, Timothy Andrews, David Wright, Thomas Ball, Samuel North, Ebenezer Smith, Joseph Woodbridge, John Willard, David Churchill, John Boot, Jacob Kellogg, and Timothy Gaymore. Doodles, pencil notations from later date, calculations also in volume.

Volume 2 - "Account Book of Daniel Willard", 1800-1866. Accounts kept by Daniel Willard (1786-1868) and his son, Daniel Horatio Willard (1811-1880). Includes accounts for estate of Daniel Willard (1710-1800), repair and improvements of the house in 1830s, business ventures of Barber & Howe [printers], factory accounts for Newington Woolen Company, wood and timber accounts, debts unpaid on the Estate of Daniel Willard deceased. Individual names include Elizur Andrus, Edward Chapman, Frederick Deming, Samuel Talcott, Henry Brown, Lyman Brown, Edward Howard Jr., Simeon Stoddard, James Wells Jr., Nancy Bronson, Hannah Brown, James Hazard, Jonathan Stoddard Jr., Daniel Hopkins, Daniel Judd, Thomas Fox, Daniel Woodhouse, Lester Hunn, Josiah Griswold, Pomp Green, Lucy A. Stoddard, Ebenezer Kellogg, Sidney Babcock, Stephen P. Lamberton, and William Dupree.

Volume 3 - "Account Book", 1847-1848. Accounts kept by William Francis Willard during the course of business. Company name is Barber & Howe [printers] and this account books contains information on companies and individuals in Ohio. Entries include date, items sold, name of purchaser, amount of sale, location, and shipping costs. Books were sold to newspaper editors, attorneys, churches, state and civic governments, and academic institutions.

NOTE: Microfilm available. (Film number: 853960)

Provenance: Gift of Willard Family through Harvard University Archives, 1979.

Amount: 2 volumes, 1 box.

Container List:

Box 1 - Accounts for Simon Willard, 1715-1719, and Daniel Willard, 1732-1764.
Volume 2 - "Account Book of Daniel Willard", 1800-1850.
Volume 3 - "Account Book", 1847-1848.