Harrison Whiting
Account Book, 1826-1850

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Harrison Whiting, son of Daniel and Sally Whiting, was born in Holliston, Massachusetts on December 14, 1804. He married Deborah R. Mellen on April 6, 1826.

Scope and Content:

Collections consists of one volume, "Holliston March 1, 1828 Harrison Whiting Book". Although Whiting started his entries in 1828, his accounts begin in 1826 and record farm labor and sale of farm products. Included are names of individuals, date of transaction, and cost. Names include Captain Lemuel Adams, Daniel and John Haynes, Horatio Fisk, "widow of Whitcomb", Levi Whitney, C. Hastings & Company, Edwin A. Whitcomb, Oliver Blood, Samuel Whiting, Dwight Colburn, Warren Foster, Hiram Cooper, William P. Clements, Albert Rockwood, Alvin Colburn, James Simons, E. B. Craig, William Leland, Austin Bellows, William Robinson, Timothy Rockwood, Elijah Kingsley, William Horton, and Alfred Leland.

Provenance: Gift of Mrs. Henry P. Plimpton, 1940.

Amount: 1 volume.

See Also: C. G. & H. M. Plimpton, Walpole, MA (HOLLIS #ACZ7907)