Straits Pond Flats
Account of Sales, 1810-1828

Mss: 103

Historical Note:

Straits Pond, a tidal flat located between Cohasset and Hull, Massachusetts, produced cord grass and salt-meadow grass. During colonial times, local farmers began using the salt hay made from these grasses to feed their cattle. Eventually a grist mill was built in the area where it remained until destroyed by fire in 1800. Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of salt hay, the Proprietors of Straits Pond Flats organized in 1810. They purchased a large amount of marsh land on the Cohasset side of the pond and harvested the grass in the fall. Salt hay was used as a winter mulch in addition to its use as animal feed. Light yet dense, salt hay reduced evaporation, prevented soil erosion, and enriched the soil.

The original proprietors included Martin Lincoln, Caleb Nuhall, Scarlet Hudson, Seth Beal, Benjamin Barns, Elisha Downs, and Thomas Bourne. Others joined in this venture throughout the years and enjoyed a return in proportion to their share of investment.

Scope and Content:

The collection contains twenty-two accounts of sales of grass dated 1810 through 1828. Each account contains date written, name of purchaser, lot number, and amount paid.

Provenance: Gift of Charles H. Taylor, 1924

Amount: 1 box

Container List:

B.1   f.1  Accounts of sales, 1810-1828