Seth Adams, Jr.
Records, 1823-1865

Mss: 899

Historical Note:

Seth Adams, Jr., of Providence, Rhode Island, invested in Rhode Island real estate as well as banks, stocks and bonds. Among his investments were two houses he built in Providence in the 1850s utilizing the design talents of the famous architect, Richard Upjohn. The Prospect Street estate is at the corner of Prospect and Angell Streets. The Magee Street estate is located at the corner of George and Magee Streets. In 1854, he copied into a volume all the accounts of his "yearly situation" from the beginnings of his business as found in his Day Book No. 1. According to a notation at the front of this volume, "these statements show exactly the state of my Property at the dates they were taken." He continued adding to the volume until 1865. The final entry at the end of 1865 is signed "John Adams".

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of account books dating from 1822 to 1865. Volume 1 is an account book with debts owned and debts due to Seth Adams, Jr. on an annual basis from 1822 through 1865. Included is the name of individual and the amount as well as information on stocks, bonds, notes and other investments. Included are retail accounts, investments in stocks, bonds and real estate as well bad debts. Represented in this volume are a cross section of citizens, banks, churches, trades people and businesses of Providence.

Volume 2 details the costs of construction and maintenance of two residential buildings in Providence, Rhode Island, owned by Seth Adams, Jr. Information on the Prospect Street estate is on pages 1 through 78 and is dated August 1852 through December 1858. Included are items or services purchased with date, name of provider [with occasional mention of item or service] and amount. A total amount is provided at the bottom of each page. The Magee Street estate information, pages 84-122, is dated from October 1852 through May 1858 and is similar to above entries. Included are names of trades people, laborers, businesses and others providing goods and services to Seth Adams, Jr., in the course of constructing and maintaining these two buildings.

Provenance : Gift of Daniel B. Updike

Amount: 2 volumes

Container List:

Vol. 1. 1822-1865 [business accounts]
Vol. 2. 1852-1858 [house construction]
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