Plumer Family
Day Books, 1793-1847

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Historical Note:

Samuel Plumer married Betsy Cilley, daughter of General Joseph and Sarah (Longfellow) Cilley, on April 3, 1791 in Epping, NH. The couple lived on a farm in Epping and sold farm produce and engaged in agricultural pursuits such as haying, ploughing, planting, butchering, and sowing. A large amount of the family's income originated from their cider mill. Mrs. Plumer died December 18, 1809.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of five volumes of farming accounts kept by Samuel Plumer of Epping, New Hampshire, 1793-1847. The volumes contain chronological entries for receipts and expenses for the farm, household and personal needs as well as legal and medical fees. The entries include date, name of individual, description of item or service purchased and amount charged.

Vol. 1 - "Day Book No. 2", 1793-1796. Names mentioned include Daniel Plumer, William Plumer, James Folsom, Nathaniel Maxfield, Jethro B. Tilton, Jonathan Sanborn, Joseph Randall, Stevens Smith, Ebenezer Blake, Eliphates Maxfield, Ebenezer Straw, Samuel Wilkinson, Paul Ladd, Daniel Cilley, Moses Dalton, Nathaniel Williams, John Hilard, James Prescott, and Abraham Tilton.

Vol. 2 - Day Book, 1796-1805. Names include Paul Ladd, Nathan Page, Simeon Wallace, Jonathan Eliott, William Plumer, Deacon B. Clifford, Major Thomas Leavett, Nathan Page, David Lawrence, Josiah Smith, Jacob Cilley, Jonathan Longfellow, Jeremiah Avery, John Thompson, Nathan Page, Abraham Tilton, Joseph Edgerly and Richard Whitiker.

Vol. 3 - Day Book, 1805-1814. Names include Daniel Plumer, Oliver Morris, Simeon Wallace, Nathan Page, Lt. Ebenezer Tilton, Abraham Tilton, Lt. John Shaw, Daniel Plumer, Dudley Smart, Abraham Tilton, Samuel Drake, Eliphates Cilley & Henry Cilley, Jeremiah Avery, Moses Cilley, Benjamin Nealey, Josiah Clark and James York.

Vol. 4 - "Saml. Plumer" Day Book, September 3, 1814-August 14, 1823. Names mentioned include Abraham Tilton, John Straw, Jeremy Smith, Joseph Bartlett, Samuel and G. W. Plumer, William Plumer, Abraham Tilton, John Bartlett, Nabby Winslow, Lt. John Shaw, Lt. Jacob Blasdel, Nathan Page, Henry Cilley, Joseph Smith, Ebenezer Butler, John Hale, Joseph Bartlett Esq., Captain John Ford, John Thompson and Lowell Norris.

Vol. 5 - Day Book, August 18, 1823-October 8, 1847. Names include Becca and Molly Plumer, Joseph Burnham, John Critchet, Daniel Robie, Jr., Jesse Fogg, Levi Thompson, Joseph Clifford, Theodore Edgerly, John Tuttle, Ephraim Davis, and Captain Dudley Morris.

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Amount: 5 volumes

Container List:
Vol. 1 - "Day Book No. 2", 1793-1796
Vol. 2 - Day Book, 1796-1805
Vol. 3 - Day Book, 1805-1814
Vol. 4 - "Saml. Plumer" Day Book, 1814-1823
Vol. 5 - Day Book, 1823-1847