National Association of Wool Manufacturers
Letter, October 5, 1896

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Historical Note:

Founded November 30, 1864, The National Association of Wool Manufacturers served as a trade association for the wool industry. Seeking to unite wool producers and wool manufacturers, the organization consisted of a president, three vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, fifty directors and four standing committees: Finance, Statistics, Machinery, and Raw Materials. Boasting a membership which represented many states, the Association held annual meetings to allow its members ample time to mingle and get acquainted. It also provided information, education, and support for the domestic woolen industry.

The Association promoted by all appropriate means the advance and prosperity of wool production. Facing foreign competition from its beginning, the American wool industry looked to tariffs as a way to offset its high labor and production costs. However, the needs of the farmers raising sheep and capitalists running factories clashed at times. With this in mind, the Association members cooperated and sought out sympathetic members of Congress and others with the political influence to help insure the continuation of a profitable woolen industry in the United States.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of one (1) handwritten letter on Association letterhead. Dated October 5, 1896, it is signed by S. N. D. North of Boston, Massachusetts, secretary of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers at the time. The letter is addressed to Hon. David A. Wells and comments favorably about Mr. Wells' letter to the New York Tribune which appeared on September 15. Mr. North continues by correcting statistics on wool production and attaches a page showing "No. 110--The World's Wool Production in 1894" and on the reverse, "No. 111-- The World's Wool Supply Since 1860" [from unknown source].

Provenance: Wells Collection [A].

Amount: 1 box

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