Edward F. Moulton
Ledger, 1834-1860

Mss: 100

Historical Note:

Edward F. Moulton of Portsmouth, New Hampshire owned a farm in the area. In addition to his agricultural activities, his accounts show work done in a sawmill and gristmill. He also carded wool for a fee.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of one ledger containing accounts for Edward F. Moulton from 1834-1860. New Hampshire towns mentioned include Dover, Ossipee, Alton Bay, Melvin Village and Hampton. Names of individuals include John Brown, Andrew Wiggin, Joseph Wiggin, Nathaniel Watson, Richard Horne, William E. Thomas, Enoch Thomas, Joseph Richardson, Isaac Lee, William H. Copp, Joseph Kimball, David A. Horne, Parker Hill, Isaiah G. Orne, John M. Libbey, Jonathan Moulton, John Hooper, Jonathan Ladd, Calvin Moulton, Lucy Moulton, David Hull, James Fullerton, Lemuel B. Mason, Samuel Piper, John Piper, Joseph Jones, Peter Stackpole, John Goodwin, William Mann, Nathaniel Ambrose, Reuben Stockbridge, and James G. Hersey.

Three pages of the ledger were used as a scrapbook for newspaper clippings of recipes including Old-fashioned Indian Pudding, Blueberry Shortcake, several gingerbread recipes, Coffee Cake, Cream Sponge Cake, Americus Cake, Sugar Kisses, Ice Cream Cake and Caramel Sauce.

Provenance : Purchase.

Amount: 1 volume