Collins Moore
Ledger, 1823-1840

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Collins Moore, son of Elijah and Dorothy [Learned] Moore was born April 17, 1743. He married (1) Hannah Town on March 26, 1770 and (2) Elizabeth Chamberlin of Dudley in the town of Charlton on July 11, 1787. His son, also named Collins, married Lydia [?] in the 1840s and lived in Webster, Massachusetts. Although it may seem that the Moore family moved frequently, that is not the case. The villages of Oxford, Dudley and Charlton incorporated in 1832 to become the town of Webster.

Both father and son lived on farms which provided produce and livestock for them to sell. However, the son listed his occupation as carpenter rather than farmer. He engaged in that trade as well smoking meat, making carriage repairs and carting to earn a livelihood. The senior Collins Moore died on November 24, 1825 in Dudley. The son married in the 1840s; he and his wife had four children born in 1846, 1848, 1849 and 1850.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of one ledger with two distinct handwritings; however, all accounts are signed by Collins Moore. The handwriting changes in 1831. An index for accounts is included on the inside front cover and first page. Individual names include John Brown, Jonathan Day, John Stone, John Bracket, Willis Wood, Captain Laban Wilson, Alanson Bates, George Brown, Josiah Perry, Charles Negis, Nathan Rawson, Nathaniel Lion, Asa Wood, Samuel Moores, Waters & Braman, Zepeniah Bartlett and George Slater.

Provenance : Purchase.

Amount: 1 volume