Metcalf Family
Records, 1783-1827

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Captain Pelatiah Metcalf, son of Pelatiah and Hepzibah (Mann) Metcalf was born June 24, 1744 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. As an adult, he settled in Royalston where he built a saw mill and established a potash business. These ventures secured his place as a prominent citizen of the town. He married Lydia Eastey (or Estey) on June 22, 1770. Captain Metcalf died on October 19, 1807.

Jacob M. Metcalf, son of Pelatiah and Lydia (Estey) Metcalf, was born June 7, 1785 in Royalston. He married (1) Charlotte Prescott, September 15, 1807; (2) Nancy A. Thomas, April 16, 1845; and (3) Mary L. Gay, August 22, 1848. He and his first wife had four children. He died April 21, 1859 at the family homestead, "Under the Hill", where he lived his entire life. Much of Jacob's livelihood depended on shoemaking. Isaac Metcalf, also son of Pelatiah and Lydia, was born February 3, 1783 in Royalston. He acquired some education and was a very successful teacher in Royalston as well as the surrounding towns and Boston. In 1810, he bought a farm north of Royalston Center. Isaac married (1) Lucy Heywood, November 10, 1810; and (2) Anna (Mayo) (Stevens) Rich, March 1, 1821. He and his second wife had four children: (1) Isaac Stevens, b. January 29, 1822; (2) Joseph Mayo, b. July 25, 1823; (3) Lucy Heywood, b. May 20, 1825; and (4) Eliab Wight, b. April 18, 1827. Isaac died in Boston on April 17, 1830.

Scope and Content:

Collections consists of three account books, fourteen sheets of charred remains of account book, and two pages of memorandum book relating to activities and transactions for members of the Metcalf family of Royalston, Massachusetts.

V. 1. Account book, 1803-1809, 1785-1795. Two account books tied together. Front half describes Jacob Metcalf's accounts, 1803-1809; bulk of which are for shoemaking. Names include John Jacobs, Richard Weeks, Asa Walker, Stephen Richardson, Henry Godard, Elisha White and Joshua Doan. Remainder includes Pelatiah Metcalf's accounts, 1785-1795, for tailoring and shoemaking as well as sale of farm labor and produce. Names include Benjamin May, James Dexter, Jacob Estey, Abraham Stockwell, William Crawford, Paul Ellis, Shubal Blanding, David Ellis, and Timothy Richardson.

V.2. Account book, 1792-1806. Pelatiah Metcalf's accounts for tailoring, shoemaking, and sale of farm labor and produce. Names include Ebenezer Blanding, Whitman Jacobs, Joanna Davis, John Davis, Ebenezer Morris, Ephraim Whitney, Nat Bliss, and Ichabod Peck.

V. 3. Account book, 1811-1827. Farm accounts for Isaac Metcalf. In addition, volume includes details of expenses of building house in 1818, list of jurors in Worcester Court in June 1812, a record of the proceedings of a school meeting in the "district under the hill" in 1815, and list of subscribers to Friends of Peace. Index for names ending N-Z on first and second pages. In addition to above, volume contains Account of Beef, Carrots 1823, list of birth dates of Isaac's children, memorandum of planting orchard, Slab Wood, and Sawing/Lumber at Mill, 1817. Names include Isaac Gale, Jr., Polly Norton, Moses Tyler, Captain Daniel Wodbury, Benjamin Eddy, George Fuller, Edward Fuller, Jacob Metcalf, Joseph Estabrook, Major Salmon Godard, Dr. Pelaliah Metcalf, Enoch Metcalf, Deacon Enos Metcalf, Luther Parker, Michael Metcalf, Silas Metcalf, Ephraim Whitney, Daniel Mosman, Samuel Bliss, James Morse, Aaron Grant, Jr., John Chamberlain, Lt. Joseph Jacobs, Asa Walker, Joseph Wheeler, Richard Weeks, Silas Ballou, Stephen Richardson, Benjamin Eddy Fitzwilliam, Aaron Grant, Elijah Walker, Captain Joseph Davis and Benjamin Eddy 3rd.

Box 4. Memorandum pages, 1800-1802. Two sheets of paper with notations of titles of library books from Mr. Lee's and Landlord Jacobs as well as chronological description of seasonal events of nature. Examples are "frogs begin to squeak", "saw a Dandelion", "peach trees in bloom", "heard a whippoorwill", "found a ripe strawberry", "corn begins to silk out", and "found ripe blackberries"; pages contain no notation of author. Also included is a folder containing items removed from Vol. 3 [examples of handwriting and highway tax 1809].

Box 5. Account book pages, 1783-1789. Fourteen charred sheets of paper detailing sale of farm produce, milling of lumber, tailoring and shoemaking transactions by Pelaliah Metcalf. Names include Enos Metcalf, Isaac Estey, Ebenezer Blanding, Whitman Jacobs, Luis Horton, Moses Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Abraham Stockwell, and Eli Jacobs.

NOTE: Microfilm available for Volume 3. (Film number: 805726)

Provenance: Gift of Keyes D. Metcalf, 1972.

Amount: 3 volumes, 2 boxes

Container List:

V.1. Account book, 1803-1809, 1785-1795.
V.2. Account book, 1792-1806.
V.3. Account book, 1811-1827.
B.4. Memorandum pages, 1800-1802; items removed from Vol. 3.
B.5. Account book pages, 1783-1789.