Job Knapp
Account Book, 1803-1821

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Historical Note:

Job Knapp was born in Douglas, Massachusetts in 1766. He owned a farm and earned his livelihood by selling or bartering farm produce for goods and services. In addition, he hired out as a farm hand and charged for the use of his oxen and horses in transporting individuals to surrounding towns. Knapp married Sally Wilson on March 8, 1792. He died in the town of his birth on February 26, 1822.

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of an account book maintained by Job Knapp from1803 to 1821. He made chronological entries listing date, name of individual, description of transaction and amount charged. Names mentioned include: Royal Southwick, Baruch Bullard, Jonathan Whipple, Dr. Samuel Willard, Richard Oney, Alanson Benson, Ira Taft, Stephen Drake, Isaac Gale, Benjamin Craggin, Benjamin Wilson, Benjamin Borden, Moses Holbrook, Joseph Robbins, Reuben Cummings, Jonathan Sprague, William Bacheldor, David Whiting, John Partridge, Captain Timothy Craggin, Elijah Brown, Paul Dudley, James Howard, Elias Sprague, Captain Samuel Reed, John King, Menasah Baker, Buffum Chase, Joseph Hunt, William Bennett, Ira Washburn, Phineas Hovey, William Hale, Oliver Claflen, Nathan Sweetland, Dexter Shove, William Drake and John Sutton. Loose paper in back of volume contains account of William Hale to Estate of Job Knapp, 1816-1822.

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