Joel Beaman and Son
Records, 1827-1849

Mss: 770

Historical Note:

Joel Beamen was an inn keeper in West Poultney, Vermont in 1828. In addition, he sold general merchandise from the same location as well as arranging for stage coach travel from his inn to Albany, Whitehall, Rutland and other towns. During the 1830s, he continued making arrangements for stage coach transportation as well as starting a woolen mill in Hampton prior to 1838. Joel Beamen died in 1848 and his son, John D. Beaman, carried on his father's various business interests under the name "J. Beaman & Son". Eventually the son gave up storekeeping to practice law.

Scope and Content:

The records of Joel Beaman and Son consist of twelve volumes of day books, journals, ledgers, invoice books and an expense book for some of Joel Beaman's many business ventures.

Volume 1 begins as an account book from January 1, 1827 to April 1828, listing charges for livery, hauling, hay, oats, straw and board bills. The book changes to "J. Beaman & Son Cash Book, February 25, 1843" and ends March 1850. Following these entries is the "Account of Sales" January 16, 1849 listing groceries, oil and other items commonly found in a general store.

Volume 2 contains stage coach accounts beginning January 1, 1828.

Volume 3 contains abstracts of waybills from Albany to Poultney, Cambridge, Salem, Castleton from March 1, 1830 until July 31, 1842.

Volume 4 contains fares on the Albany and Castleton stage coach beginning September 23, 1841 and ending in 1848; accounts are for individuals and include stage fare, livery, cigars and feed for horses.

Volume 5 appears to be a record of sales and charges of general merchandise beginning May 6, 1844 and ending September 22, 1846.

Volume 6 is a day book of sales and charges to individuals from December 8, 1847 to May 16, 1849.

Volume 7, marked "Journal", begins October 26, 1838 and ends May 31, 1839.

Volume 8, marked "Journal", begins October 25, 1841 and contains records of daily sales and charges to individuals to November 1844. Toward the end of the volume, contents change to reflect shipments of cloth to New York City, purchases of wool, sales of cloth. This volume also shows that a considerable business was done in the selling of liquor with references made to the export of cider brandy to New York.

Volume 9 contains journal entries from September 14, 1843 to October 12, 1846 with an emphasis on general store merchandise.

Volume 10-an invoice book-begins June 1, 1833 with prices paid for general store items as well as for the woolen factory.

Volume 11 appears to be records of bills of merchandise bought by John Beaman & Son to supply the general store from May 23, 1840-July 25, 1843.

Volume 12, an expense book, begins with items for the stage coach from June 1, 1841 to December 27, 1848. Following those entries are a statement of wool purchased from 1846-1847 and a daily journal of sales from 1844-1848.

Provenance : Gift of Harvard College Library

Amount: 12 volumes

Container List:
Vol. 1 Stage coach accounts, 1828-1830
Vol. 2 Stage coach accounts, 1827-1849
Vol. 3 Stage coach accounts, 1830-1831
Vol. 4 Stage coach accounts, 1841-1848
Vol. 5 General Store day books, 1847-1849
Vol. 6 General Store day books, 1844-1846
Vol. 7 General Store journals, 1838-1840
Vol. 8 General Store journals, 1841-1843
Vol. 9 General Store journals, 1843-1846
Vol. 10 General Store invoice books, 1824-1841
Vol. 11 General Store invoice books, 1840-1843
Vol. 12 Expense book for stage coach and general store, 1841-1848

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