Abraham Howe / Emory Howard
Account Book, 1793-1873

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Abraham Howe, son of Phineas and Experience (Pollard) Howe, was born in Bolton, Massachusetts on June 24, 1776. He married Elizabeth Rolfe of Concord, New Hampshire on February 14, 1796. Seeking to earn a livelihood, Howe moved to New Hampshire after his marriage, then to Maine before returning to Holden, Massachusetts. Abraham and Elizabeth Howe had one son; family genealogies suggest Abraham died in Canada.

Emory Howard, son of Amos and Damaris (Bennett) Howard, was born in Holden, Massachusetts on March 17, 1812. In addition to owning and operating a farm, Howard engaged in the shoemaking trade with particular expertise in crimping (shaping the vamp of a boot or shoe) and treeing (final cleaning and polishing). Howard married Emily Knight on March 9, 1837, and the couple had four children.

Scope and Content:

The collection contains one volume, divided into accounts for two different people. Accounts for Abraham Howe, May 1793-July 1809, are located in beginning of volume and concern farm labor and other agricultural pursuits of the time. Names mentioned include Samuel Chaffin, Jabez Metcalf, Nathan Chaffin, John Spring, Timothy Marshall, Peter Farrar and Captain Abbot.

Emory Howard's accounts, March 1842-December 1873, commence in the middle of the volume. The bulk of entries concern Howard's earnings from shoemaking, although he sells farm produce and labor as well. Names include: William S. Moore, Cyrus Knight, Olive Whitney, John Flagg, Amos Howard, Silas Grosvenor, Tyler S. Penniman, Joseph H. Penniman, Thomas C. Bancroft, Jonathan L. Whitney, Hollis H. Howe, John Partridge, Richardson H. Browning, Erastus Wheaton, Jerry Walker, John Parson, Nathaniel King, Edward Jerome, Joseph Dewmore, Elijah Bullard, John Christian, Otis Fuller and Town of Sutton.

The first few pages contain newsclippings and Horsford's Calendar 1892. Back inside cover has an illustration of an unidentified couple and an advertisement for Kohler's Antidote. The collection also contains a separate alphabetical index which includes entries for both Howe and Howard.

Provenance : Gift of Harris W. Moore, 1956.

Amount: 1 volume