Phineas Goodrich
Account Book, 1818-1830

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Phineas Goodrich, son of Joshua Goodrich, was born in Acton, Massachusetts on October 17, 1759. He resided in the town of his birth throughout his lifetime and engaged in farming. In addition to selling farm produce, he sold or bartered his services for field labor, mending wagons, and carpentry. He kept cows, pigs, sheep, horses and oxen. In 1811, he and four others served on the District No. 2 school committee which voted to replace the existing school house with a larger building.

Goodrich married Elizabeth Kilbourn on March 16, 1786; the couple had six children. He died in Acton on February 14, 1834.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of one volume of entries, detailing items or services purchased or bartered for by Phineas Goodrich. Entries contain date, name of individual, description, and the amount charged. Names of accounts include Joel Olivers, Reuben Wheeler, Joseph Chamberlin, Ebenzer Davis, Luther Davis, James Conant, Joseph Robbins, Stephen Weston, Joseph Smith, James Billings, Thomas Bussey, Joseph Harris, Rufus Reed, Jacob Reed, Abel Robbins, John Dexter, Solomon Smith, Elijah Davis, Amos Noyes, Simon Burgess, Jonathan B. Davis and Elnathan Polley.

Loose items from the volume include the vote of District No. 2 school committee as well as drawings of fruit and three illustrations clipped from magazines. At a later date, the volume may have been used as a scrapbook or to press flowers.

Provenance : Purchase.

Amount: 1 volume.