Gardner Family
Business Records, 1780-1934 (bulk 1854-1934)

Mss: 899

Scope and Content:

The collection consists primarily of trust accounts relating to the interests of the Gardner family of Boston, Massachusetts. Real estate interests include Rocque Island (Maine) and Albion Estate Association. Earlier records include an account book of Gardner & Coolidge, cotton brokers (1854-1858); correspondence (1792-1824) of Samuel Pickering Gardner concerning, among other topics, J. and T.H. Perkins & Co. and the lumber business in New Hampshire; estate papers of Captain John Gardner (ca.1780); accounts of a Payson family trust (1857-1876); and correspondence of George A. Gardner (1864-1881) regarding foreign and domestic investments.

Provenance : Gifts of George P. Gardner, 1942 and John L. Gardner, 1962

Amount: 33 volumes, 1 box

Container List:
Vol. A-1 Deeds, John L. Gardner, 1820-1886 (index)
Vol. A-2 Deeds, John L. Gardner, 1874-1917 (index)
Vol. A-3 Deeds, George P. Gardner, 1913-1924

Vol. B-1 Trusts, 11, Catherine E. Gardner, 1884-1921
Vol. B-2 Trusts, 13-16, John L. Gardner, 1884-1902
Vol. B-3 Trusts, 15-16, John L. Gardner, 1903-1925
Vol. B-4 Trusts, 16, Coolidge family, 1908-1921
Vol. B-5 Trusts, 18, grandchildren of John L. Gardner, 1895-1916
Vol. B-6 Trusts, 19-21, Estate of Mrs. E. B. Skinner, 1898-1929
Vol. B-7 Trusts, 19, (sample volume showing detail), 1898-1916
Vol. B-8 Trusts, 20, (sample volume showing detail), 1898-1914
Vol. B-9 Trusts, 22, John L. Gardner, 1899-1925
Vol. B-10 Trusts, 25-26, 29, George A. Gardner, 1911-1925
Vol. B-11 Trusts, George A. Gardner, Accounts, 1884-1916 (index)
Vol. B-12 Trusts, 25, George A. Gardner, 1916-1928
Vol. B-13 Trusts, 28, Augustus P. Gardner, 1918-1929
Vol. B-14 Trusts, George Peabody A, 1892-1908
Vol. B-15 Trusts, George Peabody B, 1909-1927
Vol. B-16 Trusts, George Peabody, Journal, 1910-1930 (index)
Vol. B-17 Trusts, John L. Gardner with George P. Gardner, Jr., 1913-1924
Vol. B-18 Trusts, John L. Gardner with George P. Gardner, Jr., 1925-1934
Vol. B-19 Trusts, various trust accounts, 1921-1927
Vol. B-20 Trusts, Old Colony Trust Co. (sample series of bank books), 1917-1925
Vol. BA-1 George A. Peabody, Guardian for Clara E. & Fanny L. Payson Journal, 1857-1876
Vol. BA-2 George A. Peabody, Guardian for Clara E. & Fanny L. Payson Ledger, 1857-1876

Vol. C-1 Gardner & Coolidge, Accounts, 1854-1858 (index)

Vol. D-1 Rocque Island, Accounts, 1903-1917
Vol. D-2 Rocque Island, Accounts, 1905-1923

Vol. E-1 Albion Estate Association, Accounts with George P. and Augustus P. Gardner, 1887-1917

Vol. F-1 Property ledger, 1903-1911 (index)
Vol. F-2 Rent roll, Augustus P. Loring, 1906-1930
Vol. F-3 Auction sales of stocks, clipping, 1925-1936

Vol. G-1 Diary, Paris [kept by a female member of the family], 1849

Box 1
Estate of John Gardner, ca.1780-1800. Bonds, inventories, bills, estate papers.
Samuel Pickering Gardner, 1792-1824. Correspondence
George Augustus Gardner, 1849-1881. Correspondence, miscellaneous family papers.
Gardner family wills, 1794-1818
Silhouettes, Mrs. Samuel P. Gardner and others, n.d.