Joseph/Samuel Eaton, Francis Chase and James A. Davis
Records, 1764-1904

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Joseph Eaton, son of Thomas and Lydia (Kimball) Eaton was born February 27, 1730 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Webster on January 24, 1754 and the couple had ten children. Joseph lived his adult life on a farm opposite his father's house in the West Parish of Haverhill and died there on February 20, 1805. His son, Samuel, was born in Haverhill on July 15, 1760. Samuel was living in Boston in the 1830s, but eventually moved back to Haverhill.

Richard Chase, son of Francis, was born 1780 in Haverhill. Richard married Martha Davis of Amesbury, August 12, 1804 and the couple had eight children. They were: (1) Hannah, b. June 2, 1806; (2) Francis, b. July 26, 1807; (3) Ephraim; b. December 12, 1809; (4) Richard, b. February 2, 1812; (5) Sarah, b. February 18, 1814; (6) son, b. and d. April 23, 1816; (7) Caleb, b. April 23, 1817; and (8) Abigail, b. June 5, 1820. Francis was very active in selling real estate in the towns near Haverhill and even up into New Hampshire. His son, Ephraim moved to Sandown, New Hampshire where he owned a small farm. Ephraim married Sarah Eaton, daughter of Samuel, and they had one child, Martha Lois Chase, who was born 1853. Martha married James A. Davis in 1874 and the couple had three children: (1) Alfred, b. 1875; (2) Fannie, b. 1879; and (3) Mary, b. 1881.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of records for Joseph Eaton and his son, Samuel, Francis Chase, and James A. Davis. The Eaton, Chase, and Davis families were early settlers of Haverhill, Massachusetts and maintained close kinship ties for decades. It also includes a small amount of Richard Chase accounts, 1807-1828, primarily for the sale of wood and the genealogy of the Chase family. The description of the volumes is as follows:

Vol. 1 - Joseph Eaton, Accounts, 1764-1796. This includes details of transactions for farm produce and farm labor for individuals including Jonathan Nelson, Enoch Bartlett, Jonathan Webster, Simon Greene, Daniel Bradley, James Walker, John Downing, William Atwood, Phineas Adams, Isaac Osgood, Joseph Hanes, Nathaniel Marsh, John Johnson, Moses Gale and others. There are loose papers such as calculations, receipts, and notes have been removed from the volume and placed in a separate folder.

Vol. 2 - Joseph Eaton, 1783-1798/ Samuel Eaton, 1798-1827 Accounts. This includes the details of transactions for farm produce and farm labor for individuals including Phineas Adams, Jonathan Ayer, Nathaniel Bradley, Charlotte Brown, Moses Clark, Samuel Chase, William Dale, John Downing, Enoch Eaton, Jonathan Emerson, Ebenezer Gage, David Glover, Richard Kimball, Low the Shoemaker, Abraham Mitchell, Amos Ordway, Oliver Putnam, Samuel Smith, Moses Wingate and others. The collection includes a separate alphabetical index.

Vol. 3 - Samuel Eaton, Accounts, 1815-1851. Although the sale of farm produce and farm labor are mentioned, the bulk of the volume contains accounts for individuals hired by Eaton to sew clothing and make shoes. The majority of accounts date from 1819-1824 and include John Berry, Leonard Clark, Amos Davis, Francis Emerson, Nathaniel Greenleaf, Richard Kimball, Amos Ordway, John Woodman and others. The collection includes a separate alphabetical index. Loose papers such as calculations, receipts, bills and invoices have been removed from the volume and placed in a separate folder.

Vol. 4 - Francis Chase, Accounts, 1847-1865. This includes accounts for individuals located in Haverhill, Massachusetts as well as Sandown, New Hampshire. Although the sale of farm produce is mentioned, the bulk of accounts concern the hiring of farm labor, the provision of transportation to surrounding towns, and the hauling of wood. Individuals mentioned include Charles Carleton, Ezekiel Currier, John Ordway, George Critchet, Lewis Webster, Dorothy Putnum, William Emerson and others. Loose items that have been removed from the volume include a calling card, a recipe for spring tonic, a trade card for Horsford's Baking Powder, an invoice, bills, a recipe for nerve ointment, calculations; most of these date from the 1870s and 1880s and were probably placed there by someone other than Francis Chase.

Vol. 5 - James A. Davis, Accounts,1882-1904. These accounts include Cash Accounts for the Year 1882, Cash Accounts for 1883, D. H. Davis, Nelson Ordway, Charles H. Coombs, Mrs. Mary W. Howe, Dr. Emerson, John Hazelton, Cash gave to Mattie while at Boston, Mary Chase Account, Old Place Account, A. C. Davis Account, Agreement between C. P. Davis and B. A. Davis, Hen Account, Chicken Account, Mileage Ticket Book, Incubator Record for 1899, Egg Record for 1899, [Apple] Trees Set Out May 1895, and others. The donor of the collection and a daughter of Mr. Davis, stated he ran a small egg business during these years.

Provenance : Gift of Miss Mary H. Davis, 1969.

Amount: 4 volumes, 1 box

Container List:

Box 1 f.1 Joseph Eaton, Accounts, 1764-1796
  f.2 Loose papers from Joseph Eaton Accounts, 1765-1770
  f.3 Joseph/Samuel Eaton Accounts, Index for Vol. 2, 1783-1827
  f.4 Loose papers/Index from Vol. 3, 1820-1838
  Loose papers from Vol. 4, 1857-1882
f.5 Richard Chase Accounts, 1807-1828
Vol. 2 f.6 Joseph Eaton, 1783-1798/Samuel Eaton, 1798-1827 Accounts
Vol. 3 Samuel Eaton, Accounts, 1815-1851
Vol. 4 Francis Chase, Accounts, 1847-1865
Vol. 5 James A. Davis, Accounts, 1882-1904