Henry Eames
Account Book, 1752-1761

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

Henry Eames, son of John and Mary, was born April 28, 1698 in Framingham, Massachusetts. As a farmer, he grew rye, potatoes, turnips and sold cider and cord wood. He also performed farm labor and carpentry in exchange for goods or services. In addition, Eames served as selectman in the town of Framingham for three years.

Eames married Ruth Newton of Marlborough on November 7, 1722; the couple had eleven children. He died in the town of his birth on May 16, 1761.

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of one small leather-bound volume containing accounts for John Newton, 1687-1689, Henry Eames, 1752-1761, and an unidentified person, 1762-1789. Henry married Ruth Newton in 1722, and it is possible that the volume came into Eames' possession through this connection. Newton's accounts are placed at the beginning and end of the volume. Many pages in the volume are missing.

Accounts relating to Henry Eames make up bulk of volume. Entries reflect farming pursuits and sale of agricultural products and services. Included are accounts for Joseph Butler, Daniel Biglow, Joseph Graves, Michah Haven, Thomas Eames, John Eames, Lois Eames, Ezekel Rice, Jesse Haven, Phineas Graves, Joseph Stone and Nathaniel Eames.

Accounts from 1762-1789 continue to reflect farming activities. It is possible these are for the son, Henry Jr., of Eames, born April 30, 1726.

Provenance : Gift of New England Historical Genealogical Society, 1966.

Amount: 1 volume